Welcome everybody

Hi everyone Welcome to our very first blog post 05-02-18. We are a newly launched Irish Beauty and Cosmetics Company. We want to bring you the latest news in Beauty trends and bring out some hot products that you all are going to adore. Please check out our online shop and to keep you all […]

How to wash your makeup Brushes

WHEN YOU GET YOUR NEW MAKEUP BRUSHES All brushes should be flash washed on receipt to sanitize after manufacturing and retail. Always check your brushes for any faults or unusual signs of issue on receipt. Check that there is no excessive hair shedding ( Please note that a small amount of hair fall out is […]

How to Mask Open Pores

Do not worry,, its not just you. Many people have large open pores. They’re most common if you have an oily/combination skin type or can be controlled by age and genetics. The main area of the face for open pores is your T-zone ( front of forehead, down your nose, cheeks and chin) The oils […]